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TMON for VSE Developer

Client of Innovalus Technologies

Posted 4 months ago


Candidate must have Assembler Programming experience preferably in a software vendor environment. It is desirable to have experience working with relevant domain (CICS) and z/VSE internals with domain performance and tuning experience. Comprehensive Knowledge and experience with the current release (and backward of at least 2 releases) of subsystem (CICS) and z/VSE.

Experience : 6 – 12 Years

Skills Required:

  • Strong knowledge of the zVSE , zVM and CP operating systems.
    • Power system, task dispatching, partition dispatching
  • Strong programming skills using the IBM High Level Assembler
    • Experience with Extended Addressability
    • Knowledge of 24 bit, 31 bit and 64 bit addressing modes.
    • Knowledge of 24 bit, 31 bit and 64 bit storage residency modes.
    • Ability to diagnose errors from the Assembler listing.
    • Experience using multiple program entry points
    • Experience using conventional and extended program linkages
    • Experience using Extended Addressing features
    • Basic understanding of the IBM zArchitecture Principles of Operations Publication
    • Storage – Familiarity with GETVIS storage areas; storage addressing, protection and formats
    • Knowledge of the Program Link Edit and program\phase build.
    • Ability to create program\phase executables.
    • Ability to develop reentrant modules.
    • Knowledge of programs running in real and virtual environments.
    • Knowledge of programs running in OS/390 mode.
  • Experience with Job Control
  • Experience with Access Method Services (VSAM – KSDS format) supporting multiple simultaneous access.
  • Experience with developing and diagnosing VTAM applications.
  • Experience with IPL and Startup procedures.
    • Experience with zVSE executing as zVM guest.
  • Experience with the Virtual Tape Support – simulator and server.
  • Experience with zVSE security – authentication and resource access control techniques.
  • Knowledge of and skills invoking Operator Commands
  • Knowledge of Dump Analysis and Diagnostic Tools.
  • Experience with the use of basic Operator console commands needed to enable/disable/query the state of various resources, change the execution status of jobs, communication with or Start/Stop started tasks, and collect diagnostic information.

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