GIC Build-out & Transformation
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Innovalus is a fully integrated Business Services Partner for GICs
We provide Research, Advisory & PMO Services for GIC build-out, scale-up & Innovation CoE set-up for global Organizations.
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Jumpstart GIC

Jumpstart your GIC with a fully operational center, core team and the requisite support functions in less than 90 days

Stay Focussed

Focus on core delivery processes with a program managed function across various support processes - HR, IT, FP&A, Admin.

Stay Compliant

Stay compliant and secure with a robust GRCS framework that aligns with the statutory requirements & protects IP assets.

Stay Relevant

. Stay relevant by creating disruptive value and transforming operations through digital innovation initiatives.

GIC Insights

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Case Studies

Some of our global GIC engagements across multiple engagement models.

Our Services

Our Services are aligned to GIC’s life-cycle and delivers measurable business value across multiple dimensions of the GIC Operations.

Center Build-out

Complete end-to-end services for new GIC build-out from Business case to Deployment and steady state operations.

Operations Support

A robust Program Managed Operations support process across HR, IT, Admin, Facilities, FP&A & GRCS (Governance, Risk, Compliance & Security).

Innovation CoE

Innovation enablers for GICs that can disrupt & expand markets, in addition to driving cost & efficiencies for the parent.

Talent Ramp-up

AI Platform-enabled TA Transformation that leverages custom M/L algorithms and analytical models for talent on-boarding.

Delivery Transformation

State of the art Delivery practices with Industry veterans to transform the GIC to scale better and to become people independent.


A well-established and mature ecosystem of academia, research entities, start-ups & corporates for innovation enablement.

Service Components


Each one of our engagements is supported by our AI enabled research insight tools (Intellee) to track and monitor data-points and events relevant for GICs.


Insights enabled recommendations for solving the GIC challenges help GICs derive measurable business value from the engagements.


A robust process enabled PMO team ensures that the GIC engagements are aligned and deliver measurable business value, on-time and on-budget.

Services Powered by Intellee

Our AI-enabled Market Intelligence & Research platform that leverages proprietary algorithms to derive insights across talent, competition and innovation events.

Innovation Intelligence

Get the insights on technology innovations happening in your ecosystem. Accelerate your innovation process with critical and timely Leading Indicators to alert you on what could come next.

Ecosystem Intelligence

Track accounts, either customers or competitors, to get timely Potential Opportunities and evolving threats. Get Sales intelligence through automated Key Buying Signals from your top accounts.

Talent Intelligence

Get comprehensive Talent Landscape for your Ecosystem. Understand the major competitive employers, Major Talent hubs, cost structure and attrition patterns.

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